Frequently Asked Questions

Hazardville Memorial School’s Website:

Enfield Public School’s Website:

Enfield Public School’s END OF YEAR SURVEY:

Enfield Public School’s 2017-2018 CALENDAR:

Bus routes & what is the “time” at the beginning of each route?

* That’s the estimated time of the first stop of each route!

Where can I find “Hot Lunch Menus” for HMS?

hms fundraisers; tELL ME MORE ABOUT THem, what’s next..?

Any questions, please email us at

How does the PTO plan to help increase communications re: events at school? Not just PTO events, but authors or school visitors?

We will post all events “here.” And on Facebook and Twitter, multiple times. Life gets busy, but we don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity to share an experience with your student(s).

BOX TOPS - Collection Sheets: I have not seen these come home yet and we have some sitting around from Summer. Can we just download these sheets ourselves, or are they coming home soon?

They come home every few months throughout the school year.

If you need to clear you kitchen counter of Box Tops today and need a collection sheet, you can download a PDF of the collection sheet, here are links to download a 25-per page and 50-per page collections!

25 Box Tops PDF:


50 Box Tops PDF:




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